Drilling Materials


We work with high quality aluminum to be used as entry material during the drilling of printed circuit boards. We serve it both in sheets and in custom formats. Check our sheet sizes or ask us for the format you prefer and we will cut it in that size . You can choose between two thicknesses 0.20mm and 0.15mm.

We also put at your disposal aluminum in rolls for other applications in 50 microns of thickness. Ask us to inquire about the available width sizes.

Backup / Feimad

To use as backup (output material) for drilling of pcbs we have the best products made from processed wood. You can choose between our standard output material with no special finishing or ask us for the Feimad when you need more precision at drilling. The latter comes finished with melamine on both sides and we have it available in different hardnesses and densities.

In both cases, we have plates of different sizes and, thanks to our cutting service, you can choose the exact format size you need.

Hoja Técnica Backup.pdf
Hoja Tecnica FeimadHD.pdf
Hoja Tecnica FeimadUHD.pdf