About us

Since 1992 we deal with all kind of products, raw materials, consumables and services for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. We are backed with an unbeatable range of first level suppliers, each one of them leader in their specific area of market. Thanks to them and thanks to the feedback from our customers we are able to offer the best solutions for every task of PCB manufacture.

Besides, we have a long experience as dealers of equipment, both new and used, for the pcb industry, We’ve worked in the past as official dealers of brands as Excellon and nowadays we are dealers of Microcraft, leader in flying probe testers machinery. Also, we provide technical support and advising to our customers who take advantage of our long experience in all the process of PCB manufacturing, (CAM design, drilling, electrical test, etc).

Recently, we started a new line of business, introducing the cold plasma technology in the European market both for industrial applications and for research and development centers.

Please, contact to us, it would be a pleasure to help you.

Specialists on Printed Circuit Boards

t: +34 918083170 f: +34 918083171 e-mail: cfeijoo@cfeijoo.com