Base Material

Laminates, FR4 / Prepreg / Masslam

We supply high quality fiberglass copper clad laminates from the most prestigious manufacturers worldwide. We can offer you all kinds of laminates from the standard FR4 to more special materials like FR5, highTg, halogen free, etc. We also put at your disposal multilayer materials such as prepreg or masslam and aluminum-based IMS laminates for applications that require greater heat dissipation.

In our warehouse we keep a stock of the most usual materials in different sizes and thicknesses that we can ship immediately. Consult us for updated prices and availability. 

Our reference manufacturer ITEQ Coorporation allows us to offer laminates of all types in all sizes, thicknesses and copper content. Below you can download the product data sheets of ITEQ most used materials.

Copper clad laminates and Prepreg
  • IT-158 Conventional FR4 & PrePreg 
  • IT-258 Halogen Free
  • IT-180 High Tg

Aluminium IMS

  • IT-859GTA (3W / mK)