Atmospheric Systems

Our atmospheric plasma equipment does not need vacuum pumps for its operation and is capable of superficial treatiment of all types of materials in a simple and effective way. Options range from our simplest handheld device to complete in-line installations that can be adapted to any production process.

Atmospheric Plasma Equipment

Piezobrush CF-PZ3

Piezobrush CF-PZ3 is our entry level atmospheric device. A portable handheld device for surface activation and plasma cleaning. There are different application modules to be able to treat all types of materials, both conductive and non-conductive.
Treatment area 20mm

Plasmabrush CF-PB3

Our Plasmabrush CF-PB3 system is intended to be in-line mounted, providing up to 1,000 watts of cleaning power. It admits different gases for different  superficial treatments. There are available different CF-PB3 nozzles for specialized applications.
Treatment area 25mm

PlasmaTool CF-PT

PlasmaTool, our handheld model offers a simple atmospheric solution that does not require external gas or compressed air intake. Power up to 700W.
Treatment area 25mm   

PlasmaCell CF-PC

PlasmaCell is a compact, stand-alone plasma system that provides a perfect working environment for simple and efficient plasma treatment of your work pieces.

 Its robust system of three Cartesian axes and the reliability of its plasma generator provide great versatility.

Plasma application for in-line processes

CF-PZ3i nozzles

The CF-PZ3i integration unit for direct cold plasma application can be quickly and easily integrated into production lines. It allows compressed air and Nitrogen as input gases. Different types of nozzles are available allowing the application of plasma to all kinds of materials, both conductive and non-conductive.