PCB Equipment

Machinery and Equipment

We are distributors of machinery and equipment, both new and second hand for the different processes in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Contact us and we can surely find the solution more suited to your needs. 

We represent exclusively the equipment of MicroCraft, both the flying probe electrical test machines and jet ink printers for serigraphy or solder.

We also distribute, among others, Quind Easy optical inspection equipment, Limata LDIs, VF machines for preparation of drilling packages  or Mach3 Lab X-ray machines for multilayer processing..

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MicroCraft EMMA

MicroCraft’s flying probe electrical testers EMMA,,are worlwide leaders in pcb testing market. Avoiding complicated fixtures or wirings and thanks to its outstanding speed, they become the most flexible and cost-effective solution for the electrical test problems.

We have a wide range of models to fit the specific requirements of you company in an optimal way. Learn more...

MicroCraft Craftpix

CraftPix, MicroCraft inkjet printing machines, support all Hot-Melt, Hybrid and UV Pining types of ink. 

Besides the silkscreen legend preinting application, the .possibility of directly printing etch resist or solder mask drastically reduces production cycle time and costs eliminating dry film, masks, stencil set-ips, labor, chemical and processing costs and other associated operating costs .  Learn more...

Taiyo TY-Vision

VF di Facci Valentino

PlasmaEtch MK-II

We offer to you the complete range of final inspection visual systems TY-Vision manufactured by Taiyo Industries Co., worldwide leaders of the market in this area. You'll find manual and automatic systems with different inspection area sizes which wil allow you to chose the system that better fits your inspection requirements.

With this systems you will solve the problems of ,low quality and rejection avoiding all kind of defects in your production. reducing labor costs and improving the overall quality of your products. Learn more...

VF di Facci Valentino are specialists in development and manufacture of machines for preparation of packages of drilling of printed circuit boards.

Spinamatic, the two drill heads pinning machine, It is essential to prepare quickly and accurately drilling packs and it is the basis of a wide range of machinery focused on this purpose: wrappers, planers, automatic package creation systems, loading / unloading equipment, etc. Learn more...

The MK-II is a plasma processing system specially designed for use in the printed circuit industry. Its large capacity, with a chamber of up to 24 electrode trays, gives it a great productivity.

As it is the case of all our systems, MK-II is designed to work with all types of gases, which allows great flexibility of use and provides a wide range of applications.

It is particularly suitable for PCB desmear and etchback tasks and for its use in clean rooms in semiconductors industrial plasma etching.