Our products and services

Our company has extensive experiencein providing a wide range of products, services and innovative solutiona to all types of customers with different budgets. If you want more information from one of our commercials, our team will be more than happy to help you

Base Material

We offer FR4 and other types of special copper clad laminates from world-class suppliers. Also we supply prepreg or masslam for multilayer manufacturing.

We import directly from Asia to get competitive prices and offer other solutions from Europe when you need to shorten the deadline. More...

Copper Foil

Our best quality copperfoil from Circuit Foil is one of the best for multiplayer printed circuit boards  assembling. It is possible to order it in sheets or in rolls and we have available all the standard thickness in the market.

You only have to chose the thickness and the size of the format you need and we will ship it to you in short order. More....

Drilling material

We work with first quality aluminums to be used as entry material and we put at your disposal the best products based in processed wood to use as backup during the drilling of printed circuit boards. 

You will be able to chose between the different kinds of aluminums and woods and cusstomize the format size which better fits your panels.  More...

Drilling tools

We supply the best and affordable drill and routing tools in the market for your CNC machines in all the shapes and diameters you may need. Our suppliers are first class world leaders manufacturers and they certify the quality, reliability, accuracy and life span of our tools. 

We have also available pins, rings and all the kind of parts and accessories related with the drilling and routing machines. 


We offer to our customers technical support and advising in different areas of pcb manufacturing. Also we supply services as CAM design or Electrical test helping our customers with solutions when they are faced to special cases or requirements.